naturally soft pad

The revolutionary “NSP” nose pad is the result of years of research, innovation and through testing on PVC-free materials at Da Vià Luigi srl R&D labs. This innovative elastomer is a great alternative to PVC and it outperforms this well-known plastic in several areas. In fact NSP combines the soft feel and comfort typical of silicone pads with the transparency and durability associated with PVC products.

“NSP” is phthalates-free, 100% recyclable and 100% biocompatible, is compliant with the following regulations:
• 2006/1907 / EC (REACH)
• PROPOSITION 65 of California
• ABSENCE Bisphenol-A CAS nr. 80-05-7

• Suitability for food contact (Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011)

Has successfully passed the following test:
• AWT-ASTM:G 154-12°, 96 hours
• ISO10993-5:2009 ISO10993-12:2012
• ISO10993-10:2012 ISO10993-12:2012
• ISO12870 clause 4.7 , resistance to perspiration
• ISO12870 clause 4.9 , resistance to ignition
• ISO12870 clause 4.10 , resistance to optical radiation

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NSP nose pad

NSP pads passed
the dermatological test
carried out by UNIRED
(University of Padova)